Политика выплат

1. The Player may at any time request a payout from the existing balance of his Account in whole or in part provided that all payments have been confirmed and all amounts deposited. Any expense related to withdrawal requests shall be charged to the receiver. 

2. A list of available withdrawal methods a Player can find at our website. 3. To withdraw the funds a Player shall be required to verify his identity through the submission of a copy of an identification document. The withdrawal request shall not be processed by ChampionCasino prior to receipt of a copy of this document from the Player. 
3. In all cases, ChampionCasino reserves the right to suspend a pay-out request pending verification of the Player’s identity, age and location.  
4. ChampionCasino reserves the right to use additional procedures or request further proof of identification to verify the identity of the Player when effecting withdrawals from his Account.  
5. Withdrawal requests shall be processed immediately. ChampionCasino maintains a target of seventy-two (72) hours for the processing of payouts but does not hold itself liable for a specific period of time up in this regard. 
6. Request for withdrawals in excess of ten thousand Euros (€10,000) or more, shall be divided into ten installments, paid with 10 per cent every month for 10 months until the full amount is paid out. 
7. Withdrawals from an Account can only be addressed to the person registered on the Account and as per the conditions specified on our Internet Site. Payouts shall be made through the same route from which the funds originated.
8. Only one withdrawal of 500 EUR for Player will be processed per day. In case Player makes several requests for withdrawal of 500 EUR during one day, they will be processed during next days but no more then ONE withdrawal of 500EUR per day.