Политика Знай Своего Клиента


We are carrying out KYC (know your client) procedure to ensure maximum protection from fraud transactions:
Before any opening of an Account there must be registration by the Players which involves the provision of accurate details and documentation to ChampionCasino. It is the Player’s responsibility to immediately provide ChampionCasino with updated information to any information / documentation provided at the initial Account opening stage.
No person under eighteen years of age (or the applicable majority age in that person’s jurisdiction) may be registered as a Player and any funds deposited will be refunded, all wins will be canceled.
Withdrawals from an Account can only be addressed to the person registered on the Account and as per the conditions specified on our Internet Site.
Withdrawal requests shall be processed immediately.ChampionCasino maintains a target of seventy-two (72) hours for the processing of payouts but does not hold itself liable for a specific period of time in this regard.
Withdrawal shall be made through the same route from which the funds originated.
Request for withdrawals in excess of ten thousand Euros (€10,000) or more, shall be divided into ten installments, paid with 10 per cent every month for 10 months until the full amount is paid out.
KYC checklist
ChampionCasino shall not permit a person to play on Real Money as a Player in a Game conducted by ChampionCasino unless that person is registered as a Player and holds an Account with ChampionCasino and procedure of KYC is not complete.
To have verified account, ChampionCasino asks Clients to provide documents:
– Official government-issued ID document or passport. 
– Proof of address 
 Please note the following: 
– Pictures must be clear. 
– Pictures must be of complete documents.
– Documents must be up-to-date. Your passport must be valid, not expired.