Black Jack with GAMBLE

TOP WIN  3:2

"Black Jack with GAMBLE" by is a legendary card game, made to please! Unforgettable excitement and understandable gameplay will exceed your expectations!

Game rules:
The game is played with 4 decks 52 cards each. There are 5 accessible places (boxes) with the possibility to place a bet on one or several boxes at a time. The bet on a box must respond to the min-max bet measures of the table. Raising the bets per box or credit denomination will raise the win accordingly.
If a player collects the amount of points higher than 21 - his bet in a specific box loses. If the dealer gets over 21 points - all the bets, that remained in the game, win. The boxes that collected more points than the dealer - win. Those that collected less points than the dealer - lose. If the amount of points collected by player is the same as the amount collected by dealer - the bet remains in the box, it is not collected or rewarded.
The combination of two first cards, where one is an ace and the other is worth 10 points, is called "BlackJack" and is the strongest and most valued combination. It is considered to be stronger than any other 21 point combination, except for other BlackJack.
The dealer is the last one to draw the cards. Every next card is drawn automatically if there are less than 16 points. Next card isn't drawn if there are 17 or more points.

Card values:
Kings, Queens, Jacks and tens are all equal and worth 10 points. An Ace can count as 11 or 1 depending on what the player needs. The values of the cards from "2" to "9" are equal to their ratings. The suit of the card doesn't matter.

Additional possibilities of the game:

  • DOUBLE : if the initial two cards seem promising to the player - he can double his bet. After that ONE additional card is drawn and it completes the combination.
  • SPLIT : when a player has two cards equal by rating (e.g. Two deuces or two Jacks, for example) - he can split them. That means he gets two starting combinations instead of one. Each of these two combinations beging with one card only. A bet equal to the initial is placed on each of these combinations. After the cards have been split, the additional cards are drawn for one of the combinations, and then for another. The split can be done by the player only once in one draw. An Ace and a ten, that form a new combination (after 2 aces or 2 tens were split initially) are not considered to be BlackJack and are simply counted as 21 points. There's a specific rule about splitting the Aces: after they are split - each of the newly formed combinations gets only one additional card, after which cards won't be drawn.
  • INSURANCE: if the first opened card, that a dealer has, is an Ace - then the players are suggested to get insurance from dealer's possible BlackJack. Accepting this offer, the player gets such an insurance, which means he makes an additional bet, not higher than half of the initial bet. Actually, the player bets on the fact, that dealer will have a BlackJack. If this happens - the player gets twice as more as his insurance was. Otherwise - he loses his insurance. If on a specific box you collected a BlackJack and the dealer had an Ace - insurance offer won't be made for this box. Instead, the dealer will suggest "equal win": player can instantly receive the win, but instead of 3 to 2 ratio it will be 1 to 1 based on the initial bet. Refusing "equal win" means, that the player might lose his win, if the dealer has BlackJack.


BlackJack 3 to 2
Regular win 1 to 1
Draw  Bet return
Insurance  If the dealer collects BlackJack - the player receives his insurance bet doubled and loses his initial bet. If the dealer doesn't collect BlackJack - only the Insurance bet is lost by the player and his initial bet continues the game.

Doubling your win in  "Black Jack with GAMBLE":
The player can double any win after a successful draw. After pressing the "GAMBLE" button 5 cards appear on the screen. One of them is already opened. The players task is to choose one of the four remaining cards. The chosen card must be higher by rating, that the initially opened first card. If that is the case - the win is doubled. If the chosen card is the same by rating as the initial one - it is considered to be a draw. The player takes his win or continues the game.

Great mood, smart leisure and the taste of victory - this is "Black Jack with GAMBLE" by!