Gates of Avalon

TOP WIN 5000’s «Gates of Avalon» slot machine is a five-reel video slot with twenty active paylines.
Many people tried to find the mythical gate to the magical island of Avalon, because according to legend, many treasures are stored on this island, the main of which is the secret of eternal youth! Lady Avalon will open the door for you in her mysterious country, look here and take fabulous treasures home! The world of "Gates of Avalon" will transform the wealth that you saw into reality!

Rules of the game on the «Gates of Avalon» slot machine:
You need to place bets on the chosen (from 1 to 20) paylines. The amount of your winnings depends on the number of paylines. You can make the game even more interesting, at higher rates, by increasing the line rate and credit denomination. You can see the rules and combinations of the game in the slot machine by clicking on the “?” Information button. The combination values shown correspond to your bid.
The wild symbol that replaces all the symbols in the game is the symbol "CHEST".

In the «Gates of Avalon» slot machine, the following rules exist for winning combinations:

  • the combination is considered winning if the same symbols are located on the line from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel;
  • the combination is considered winning if it is on the active line;
  • the highest combination on the line is paid.

  • Doubling on the
    « Gates of Avalon » slot machine:

    You can increase your winnings for any winning combination. Using the "GAMBLE" button, you go to an additional game where you are offered to guess the color (red or black) or card suit, if the color of the opened card matches your chosen one - you won and the amount doubles, if you chose and guessed the suit - your win will increase by 4 times! Then you can continue to catch luck or take a win.

    Bonus game on the «Gates of Avalon» slot machine:
    If at the first and fifth reels there are three symbols “CHEST” at the same time, you will receive 15 free games with the first and fifth reels stopped for the duration of the bonus game. The symbols “CHEST” placed throughout the first and fifth reels during the bonus game will replace all the symbols in the game.

    Immerse yourself in the world of "Gates of Avalon", become the hero of a fairy tale - and a worthy reward awaits you!