Computer World (Lotto)

TOP WIN  6000

The "Computer World" game from is a 5-reel 20 active paylines video slot.
You are a part of the team that explores the possibilities and surprises of the computer world. You have a talented programmer-helper and a set of the most up-to-date gadgets. Secret passwords, website hacks, uncoding most confidential info – all of this is not our style. We create! We are to create the most advanced software, that will start a new technology era!

Game rules:
You start the game by making bets on a certain number of selected paylines (from 1 to 20). Your winnings will depend on the amount of your bet and the number of selected paylines, if you want to play higher bets - you need to raise the bet, the number of paylines and the credit denomination. The game rules and the winning combinations can be accessed by pressing the "?" info button. The shown combination values comply with your bet.
Both the Scatter and the Wild Symbol is the “LapTop” Symbol. This symbol does not have to occur on a selected payline. It may appear on any of the 5 reels. The Scatter win is possible if three or more Scatter symbols appear on the screen.

To receive a win, the combination must meet the following parameters:

  • the combination is considered to be a winning one, if identical symbols are located on a payline from left to right, beginning with the first reel on the left;
  • the combination wins only if it is located on an active payline;
  • the are paid for the highest (best) combination on the payline;
  • the Scatter winnings are added to the payline winnings.

Doubling your win in "Computer World":
You can increase your winnings in any of the winning combinations. Pressing the "GAMBLE" button activates a special game, where you will be suggested to guess the color of a closed card (red or black). After you made your choice - the card is opened. If it's color is the same as the one you chose - your win doubles and the special game goes on. If you selected to guess the suit of the card (hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs) and actually guessed it – you’ll multiply your win by 4. After that you can try and double the win again or take the win and go back to the regular game.

Bonus game in "Computer World":
When 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear on the reels – you get 10 free spins. Before they begin – a Special Symbol is chosen randomly from all the game symbols. When the chosen symbol appears on the reels – all other icons are replaced by the Special Symbol and the player receives a corresponding win. If 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear during the free spins – additional free spins will be awarded.

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