TOP WIN 40:1

Slot machine «FORTUNE Wheel» from is a classic American “Wheel of Fortune” with 54 symbols.
Hurry up and run the wheel of an extremely simple, yet legendary game - «FORTUNE Wheel»! The Wheel of Fortune in all its varieties is not only being played, but also resolved disputes by people since the invention of the wheel itself. The Wheel of Fortune has always been considered as a kind of standard of justice, by which one could both divide the indivisible and impartially reward. Over time, the Wheel of Fortune has become a very popular entertainment, and its simplicity and popularity continue to grow.
Fortunately, we no longer need to solve any controversial or very important tasks using the Wheel. Our game «FORTUNE Wheel» is intended solely to get the most vivid emotions that will make your leisure time unforgettable!

Gaming rules for the «FORTUNE Wheel» slot machine:
You need to bet on your chosen sectors of symbols (1-1, 2-2 5-5, 10-10, 20-20, 40-40 Joker Black or 40-40 Joker White). The number of playing sectors determines how much you win. You can make the game even more interesting, at bigger bets, by increasing the bet per sector, the number of sectors and the credit denomination. Payout ratios of winnings are displayed on the playing field.

How to play «FORTUNE Wheel» slot machine:
The player bets on the sector or sectors placed on the playing field and pushes the Wheel (START button).
If the marker falls on the previously selected sector – the bet wins and is paid according to the predetermined odds. Winnings are paid for the winning sector only. After each spin it’s possible to change the credit denomination, individual bet amount and number of bets.
If the game is played in AUTO mode – each spin will be played automatically according to the predetermined bet or bets.

Payout odds:

Bet per number Winnings
1 1 to 1
2 2 to 1
5 5 to 1
10 10 to 1
20 20 to 1
40 Joker Black 40 to 1
40 Joker White 40 to 1

Enjoy every spin of the «FORTUNE Wheel» and your luck won’t keep you waiting!