Fruit Party Deluxe

TOP WIN 5000

Five-reel slot machine from ChampionCasino - «Fruit Party Deluxe» - video slot with fifteen paylines.
Welcome to the legendary «Fruit Party Deluxe»! Our fruit friends - so familiar for all of us - welcome you to join the game yourself! You just have to easily and naturally enjoy juicy wins and fruit victories with a glass of your favourite cocktail!

How to play «Fruit Party Deluxe» slot machine?
Decide on the number of active paylines (from 1 to 15) and place your bets! The number of selected paylines, line bet or denomination credit directly depend on your success and the amount of your winnings.
Click the info button - «i» - to open the paytable and learn more about all the winning combinations and rules of this slot.

Scatter- and wild- symbols in this game:
In «Fruit Party Deluxe» slot «STRAWBERRY» is the scatter-symbol. Here, our scatter-symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. To switch to the bonus game «STRAWBERRY» doesn’t have to appear on one selected payline.
«COCKTAIL» is the wild-symbol in this game. Here, it replaces all other symbols except for the «STRAWBERRY» (our scatter-symbol) and the «FRUIT PARTY» symbol.

In «Fruit Party Deluxe» slot machine here are certain conditions for winning combinations:

●       A combination is a winning if the same symbols start on the left or right side of the line from left to right or right to left.
●       A combination is winning if it is on an active line.
●       Only the highest combination on a line is paid.

Doubling in «Fruit Party Deluxe»:
You can increase your winnings on any of the winning combinations. To do this, click on the «GAMBLE» button - you will be taken to an additional game. Here, you must guess the colour (red or black) or the suit of the card. Choose a card. If the colour of your chosen card matches the colour of the opening card - your winnings are doubled, and if the suit is matched, your winnings are multiplied by 4! After that, you can continue catching your luck or take your winnings.

«Fruit Party Deluxe» bonus game:
The fall of three «STRAWBERRY»-symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time triggers the bonus game.
Here, you are presented with a field of three reels and sectors around it. At least one of the symbols on the reels must match the symbol whose sector you have stopped on. A stop on a «STRAWBERRY» sector adds as many chances as there are «STRAWBERRIES» on the reels. You have the opportunity to get up to 9 chances. Stopping on the «EXIT» sector ends the bonus game or reduces the chances. If certain pairs of symbols coincide, the total game bet is multiplied by the coefficient of the corresponding symbol.

Our «STRAWBERRIES» are delighted to welcome you to the «Fruit Party Deluxe»! Make yourselves comfortable and quickly dive into a game world full of fruit abundance and cocktail winnings!